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They Did What?! How SB-2A Affects Your Association | February 10, 2023

The Florida Legislature convened for a Special Session specifically to address property insurance and other topics starting December 12, 2022. Among the legislation, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 2A, which makes sweeping changes to the property insurance claims process, reinsurance, regulation of insurance companies and more. This webinar will summarize SB-2A.
Speaker: Shawn G. Brown, Esq., BCS (Kaye Bender Rembaum)

This webinar is informational only, is not to be considered legal advice, and contains no CE credit.

Condominium Unit Owner Insurance – The Risks of Not Purchasing Insurance For Your Unit

Rembaum’s Association Roundup | Jeffrey A. Rembaum, Esq., BCS | Visit HERE

Do you think you do not need condominium insurance because your condominium association has it? You would be so very wrong if you do! It has happened more times than I can count—the supply line that feeds the toilet ruptures in the upstairs unit while the owner of the unit is out of town, the upstairs unit owner forgot that he or she started to fill the tub and it overflows, or the upstairs unit owner ignores a broken toilet, all of which result in water flowing down into the unit below. Next thing you know, the remediation workers arrive and start ripping out the soaked, damaged drywall in the units below and after cutting holes in the drywall use their industrial-sized blowers to dry things out to prevent mold.

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