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Amazon suspends all shipments other than medical supplies, household staples to warehouses amid coronavirus crisis

Amazon told sellers and vendors on Tuesday that it was suspending shipments of all nonessential products to its warehouses to deal with the increased workloads following the coronavirus outbreak. Amazon is now prioritizing medical supplies, household staples, and other high-demand products to its warehouses until April 5. The change only affects shipments to Amazon’s warehouses, not the last-mile deliveries to consumers. “We are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and (Read the rest…)

Renewal deadlines extended for all department-issued licenses, permits, registrations, or certificates

Governor DeSantis has directed Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation Secretary Halsey Beshears to issue an emergency order suspending renewal deadlines for all department-issued licenses, permits, registrations or certificates set to expire in March and/or April (this includes CAM licenses).

If there are requirements that people have to complete continuing education hours to renew their professional licenses, those will also be suspended for 30 days from the existing renewal deadline.

More information on other department matters related to emergency actions, calendar changes for the board and department meetings, and other operational announcements during this state of emergency can be found at myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/emergency.

Special Coronavirus Emergency Powers Edition: Board Emergency Powers

For Condominium, Cooperative & Homeowners’ Associations

All board members and managers should take a few moments and brush up on emergency powers approved  by the legislature and codified into Florida Statutes in Chapters 718, 719 and 720 for use during a “state of emergency.” Hopefully, your association will not need to use them. But just in case, now is the time to familiarize yourself with this important legislation.

No doubt the emergency powers granted by the Florida legislature to a condominium, cooperative and homeowners’ association board of directors for use during a “state of emergency” were intended for hurricanes and the like. Nevertheless, should circumstances warrant, they can be utilized during this state of emergency caused by the Coronavirus. However, use of these powers should be reasonably related to the threat at hand. In other words, there should be good reason for their exercise such that there is a nexus between the emergency action taken and the situation at your association as related to the Coronavirus.

Due to the Coronavirus, a myriad of other issues present themselves for consideration, too. Should board meetings be held and if so, how? Should the board learn of an infected member living in the association, what next?  Should the infected person be identified to other members? What type of notice should be provided? Should an entire condominium be quarantined due to one case of coronavirus or should only those members who were in contact with the infected member be in quarantine? These are issues of first impression and the list goes on… Read the Rest (including the actual legislation)