Webinar: Community Association Risk Management (COVID-19): Ask the Experts

Date(s) - 2020-05-27
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Pompano Beach Office


Campbell Property Management presents a panel of experts to discuss community association risk management as it relates to COVID-19:
  • Evan Bradley – Campbell Property Management
  • Michael Bender, Esq. – Kaye Bender Rembaum
  • Chip Lamarca – Florida House of Representatives, 93rd District
  • Paul Mack – Mack Insurance
We will address the following types of questions:
  • As a community association, what are the main risks we should be concerned about with COVID-19?
  • From a management standpoint, what should we be doing to manage these risks?
  • Are there potential gaps or issues with our insurance coverage that we should be aware of?
  • Should we expect any legislation at the state or federal level to help mitigate the potential financial impact of these risks?
  • How are associations responding to this? How actively are they opening up their pools, tennis courts, gyms and community rooms?
  • How effective are posted waivers?
  • Is it appropriate to ask owners to sign waivers to use the facilities?
  • What should we expect from a compliance standpoint? DOH, Local Police, Code Enforcement, Board Covenants?
Please submit a question you would like us to answer when you register. We will address as many questions as possible during the webinar.

Online bookings are not available for this event.